Here, you can see all the ranks included with donating. We want to make it understood, most of these perks are quality of life improving, and are not intended to provide an advantage. This is purely a Survival / Player vs Environment server. There is no encouragement to compete against each other as that is where the pay to win idea originates. Nothing you buy here allows you an advantage over the other. If you want to donate to help further your own gameplay, so be it! 

Is this pay to win? You could consider buying extra homes pay to win... but we aren't as bad as servers that give a full Netherite kit or $100,000,000 for buying a package. We are doing our best to keep it fair, but we want to make it worth your while without breaking the game.

We want to heavily stray away from the idea of pay to win servers. So, if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our store, please join our Discord and let Rugzy know.

Adventurer 10.00 USD
Sentinel 15.00 USD
Hero 20.00 USD
Champion 25.00 USD
Legend 30.00 USD
Mythical 35.00 USD
Divine 40.00 USD
Ancient 55.00 USD
Primal 80.00 USD
Overlord 115.00 USD
Top Donator

30.00 USD
Donation Goal

0.00 / 50.00 USD (0%)

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