This category contains perks that are either temporary or permanent. The permanent perks grant you for example, flying and graves, offer a quality of life feature that would be nice to have, but doesn't last forever. You would have to earn this rank ingame in order to achieve it.

Here's a scenario you might find yourself in...

  • You are Master rank, but you find that earning Sovereign rank would take too long to earn permanent fly in and outside of claims... so you purchase the temporary fly perk that lasts 7 days and works outside of claims.
  • Or, you buy the 7 day fly perk that only works inside of claims if you don't care about adventuring much outside.

It's up to you! Is this pay to win? You could consider buying extra homes pay to win... but we aren't as bad as servers that give a full Netherite kit or $100,000,000 for buying a package. Keep in mind this is a Player vs Environment / Survival server. We are doing our best to keep it fair, but we want to make it worth your while without breaking the game.

Any suggestions on how to improve this category? Please let us know on our Discord!

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